24/7 Free Medi-Nurse Call Line for COVID-19 Questions

Department of Health Care Services launched a free, 24/7 Medi-Nurse advice line to answer questions about COVID-19 for anyone who:

  • Doesn’t have insurance, or

  • Is a Medi-Cal beneficiary but doesn’t have a regular doctor or Managed Care Plan to oversee their care.

The nurses who field the questions can help callers:

  • Understand if symptoms might be related to COVID-19

  • Determine whether they need to self-isolate

  • Decide if they need to see a doctor to get tested and/or treated

  • Connect with a Medi-Cal provider who can help them get enrolled

Please let family and friends know about the new Medi-Nurse line to help them understand more about COVID-19 symptoms, testing and treatment.

Click here for more details.

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