Exámenes Físicos de Inmigración

Costo del Examen Físico

El examen físico de inmigración comienza en $ 156, pero varía según sus necesidades.

El costo final depende de las vacunas que ya tenga y si necesita o no una prueba cutánea de TB o una radiografía de tórax.

El costo de un examen físico completo de inmigración es de $ 450 e incluye lo siguiente:

Visita al consultorio del paciente

Costo: $80.00

Quantiferon Gold (blood test)

Costo: $80.00

RPR (Rapid Plasma Reagin)

Costo: $5.00

Gonorrhea (Urine)

Costo: $12.00

Flu (Influenza Vaccine)

Costo: $55.00

MMR (Measles, Mumps, & Rubella)

Costo: $150.00

TDAP (Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis)

Costo: $110.00

Follow Up Visit

Costo: $30.00

Preguntas Frecuentes

What should I bring?

You should bring the following to your exam:

  • Vaccine records and any lab results
  • Government-issued photo ID
  • Interpreter (if needed)

What happens during an immigration exam?

After checking you in, we will:

  • Have you fill out page 1 of form I-693
  • Review your medical history
  • Perform a physical exam
  • Review your vaccination and labs
  • Have you take a TB test (must return 2-3 days later) or a routine blood test
The exam typically lasts 1-2 hours.

When will I receive my completed documents?

As soon as all of the required information is available — including lab results, TB test results (CXR if required), and immunization information — we will have you come in to the clinic to review and sign the forms. We will then provide you with a sealed packet of the forms for immigration services, as well as a copy for your own records.